Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning

Often when we go about our financial lives we don't think about what will happen to our assets when we die.  In the traditional financial world, not thinking about death is not the best idea but also not the worst as it will get figured out somehow even though it maybe difficult and costly to your heirs.  

But what happens when you don't have cryptoasset inheritance planning in place before your die, what happens to your cryptoassets?  They die also! Cryptoassets are only owned by you, there is no FDIC insurance or bank agent that will help your heirs.

So far at least 14% of all bitcoins have been lost, 3 million coins at $10k each that’s $30 billion worth) so this is a real and significant issue.  


By working with me I'll help you save time by learning about your specific needs and will create a plan that works for the long term. 

I’ll deliver written plans so you’ll remember what we spoke about year after year along with templates and forms to make it easy. My inheritance planning theories are based on teachings by Pamela Morgan and Bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos.  Often 1-2 hours is all we need.