Backing Up Your Assets

Are your assets backed up incase of accidentally loss, fire, water and theft?

It's an honest reality is that owning crypto means you are the security guard, customer service agent, tech support, and insurance agent.

A robust backup plan from the beginning will create a solid foundation for your lifetime of owning cryptocurrencies.

This topic can be complicated since there are many ways to do it and everyone’s situation is different.  Do I use paper wallets, memorize password phrases or engrave my keys on titanium?!  It’s difficult to apply a strategy you may read online and hope that it works for you in the long term.

What I do is save you time, effort and increase the safety of your assets often with just 1 session.

I'll get a understanding of what your short term and long term needs are and will create a customized plan that is resilient enough to deal with accidentally loss, fire, water,  theft and any other unique needs you may have.


And finally a service announcement…

When you die will your crypto assets die with you?  So far at least 14% of all bitcoins have been lost so this is a real and significant issue.  Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning dovetails very nicely with backing up your cryptoassets to insure your coins go to the right person/people.  Lear more here.