I wanted to invest into CryptoCurrency, but felt completely clueless on how to do that. Shane’s expertise coupled with his warm and gentle approach made it easy for me to learn and understand everything I needed to know to start investing!
— Brandon P., San Diego, CA

About Shane

As a young man Shane was inspired by the financial wisdom of greats like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. After graduating from Depaul University with a Bachelors in Finance, Shane began his career in investing in 2002.

A self-professed "computer nerd", Shane spent the first decade of his career developing automated futures arbitrage strategies that would ultimately prove very lucrative and help fund his dream of living a financially free life. Shane is passionate about CryptoCurrencies and alternative investments- and loves sharing his knowledge with others. In addition to investing and consulting, Shane is also a Core Energetics/Radical Aliveness Practitioner- and offers therapy sessions specific to overcoming emotional triggers around money and thus making more grounded financial decisions.

He lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and son and in his free time enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with his family.

Shane has a bachelors in Finance and is a certified Blockchain Expert from the Blockchain Council Academy.

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